Wednesday , January 23rd 2019
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Patio Umbrella Lights

You don’t want the fun to stop when night falls and when you need extra lighting.  Patio umbrella lights are perfect for all kinds of different occasions. They provide you with extra light while adding a decorative accent. Patio umbrella lights are perfect for playing cards or board games after dark. They also light up the area around your entertainment so there shouldn’t be any surprises.

patio umbrella with lightsYou can find patio umbrella lights in three different versions. First, there are string lights that can be attached to the ribs of the umbrella you’re using. Secondly, there is a cluster of lights that are in a ring that fits around the main pole of the umbrella. You need to be aware that some patio umbrella lights need an electrical source to function. If you plan to going the plugin route make sure that you invest in a weather resistant extension cord if your electrical outlet isn’t close by. The most convenient patio umbrella lights are solar powered because they charge all day using the sun, but you can also have battery operated patio umbrella lights which are also convenient because you don’t have to untangle a messy cord or worry about electric.

Patio umbrella lights are undoubtedly superior to candle lighting. Although candles can definitely set a very romantic atmosphere, there is always the danger of fire and invading insects that are attracted to the flame or the scent that it releases. For those of you who have green on your mind, candles do release pollution into the atmosphere as small as it may be. Large patio umbrellas seem to work best with patio umbrella string lights. They allow enough room to attach the lights to the ribs of the umbrella. This lighting is definitely going to give you the most light there is to offer.

It’s important to understand if you choose to use patio umbrella lights that have a cord to take the necessary precautions to not cause an accident. Make sure you position the cord as far away to human contact as possible. There is nothing more irritating than fighting with an electrical cord all night just to end up ruining your evening. An extra long weather resistant cord that is easy to hide and won’t interfere with the night’s activities or the people involved with them.

Smaller umbrellas carry a more intimate atmosphere, so the lighting needs to match the setting. My suggestion for this kind of patio umbrella is the ring version which attaches to the main pole. This light source does a fantastic job of illuminating the table with just the right amount of light. Make sure that you have back up batteries in case the lights start to dim because of power issues. If you take this simple precaution, you’ll never be left in the dark.

If you don’t want the hassle of cords or batteries the most logical decision would be to invest in the solar lights that draw their energy from the sun. There are even solar patio umbrella lights that can change colors. This color change is a really cool feature that will have everyone around talking about how neat it is. Of course, this type of patio umbrella lights are going to be more expensive, you will never be limited to where you can position your umbrella, and you never have to worry about cords or batteries.