Friday , December 14th 2018
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Garden Fountains

By adding a garden fountain to your garden, no matter if it is big or small, you are enhancing the outdoor area by making it a tranquil retreat and an elegant focal point. If you have been thinking about getting a fountain already, then you may be searching different web pages to see what garden fountains are available. Garden fountains are both a pleasurable experience and an active aesthetic element in your backyard space.

Garden fountains trace their roots back thousands of years as mainstays of homes and public buildings. For instance, in ancient Roman home design, garden fountains were a normal feature to be found in central courtyards. Looking at the hieroglyphs found on Egyptian tombs, garden fountains were also present in the ancient peoples of the Nile. Fountains were used for practical purposes like bathing and drinking as well as for decoration in formal gardens. Today, you can find garden fountains as part of many homes in Orient countries like Japan where keeping a garden is still a tradition.

garden fountain with a cherubWhen looking at garden fountains, base your decision on the shape and size of your garden. The bigger, grander garden fountains can only fit in larger garden spaces, and smaller gardens will require smaller garden fountains. Depending on the use, you may prefer wall-mounted fountains or freestanding models. Garden fountains are made from different materials, such as stone, resin, fiberglass, cast iron, copper, ceramic, concrete, and wood.

In northern states, it is important to protect your fountains from damage during the colder winter months. Ice and snow can break down the moving parts of your fountain. If you can, move the fountain inside, larger fountains require other solutions such as a protective cover that will slide over your fountain. Remember that if you remove the water pump that you should make sure it is free of water first.

Some research studies find that having sources of moving water like waterfalls or garden fountains positive affect physical health and emotional well-being. Some would add that there are spiritual benefits connected with the peaceful feelings that these features create. It is a scientific fact that running water releases negative ions that purify the air by removing dust particles and other pollutants, so breathing is better.

Practically speaking, you should compare different models of garden fountains to find those that you like the best. Many people who buy garden fountains enjoy the do-it-yourself experience, so it makes sense to find fountains that come with detailed installation guides, so you’re connecting hoses and pumps correctly. Most garden fountains are easy to install, and most of the modern models require just one person to put them together.

My Favorite Garden Fountains

Tuscan Faux Stone 31 1/2″ High Patio Floor Fountain

Tuscan Faux Stone 31 1/2" High Patio Floor FountainI like classical looking fountains and the Tuscan Faux Stone 31 1/2″ High Patio Floor Fountain looks like real ceramic.  Well, the halogen lights aren’t natural, but they do make it look good.

The stone look is from fiberglass, a relatively light material (compared to real ceramic) that stands up well and is easy to clean.  Fiberglass is the same material that is used for most small boats.  It stands up well to weather and sunlight.

The built-in pump moves enough water to create traditional fountain gurgling sounds and some action as the water flows from one urn to the next.  The pump and all of its parts are included.  The lights are halogen and make the urns glow from within.

This fountain stands 31 1/2 inches high.  Big enough to stand out, not so big that it dominates or becomes expensive.  And because it is fiberglass, it is light enough to carry inside for the winter or to use indoors.

Kenroy Home #50293SLCOP Tacora Horizontal Indoor/Outdoor Floor Fountain in Natural Slate Finish with Copper Accents

Kenroy Home #50293SLCOP Tacora Horizontal Indoor/Outdoor Floor Fountain

Kenroy Home #50293S

Fountain walls have become popular lately and with good reason.  They’re compact, easy to care for, and because they’re narrower than most fountains, they’re lower priced.  Yet they still give you the mesmerizing fountain gurgles and water movement of a big fountain.  This Kenroy Tacora Horizontal Floor Fountain is finished in Natural Slate Finish with Copper Accents for a rich and natural look.

The fountain stands 48 inches tall and is 16 inches wide.  Use it indoors or outdoors.  It weighs in at 60 pounds, a little heavy due to the natural slate, but still easy to move around.