Wednesday , January 16th 2019
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Outdoor Teak Furniture To Upscale Your Patio or Deck

Everybody wants their outdoor furniture to be sturdy, attractive, durable and easy to maintain.  These are all natural qualities of outdoor teak furniture.

Teak wood and furniture come from Teak trees native to Southeast Asia. The wood is exceptionally hardwood and suitable for the construction of long-lasting, everyday objects. Early settlers in Central Africa even used Zambezi teak wood to build railway lines, bridges, and buildings thanks to its extreme durability.  And Teak has been the choice for deck material on ships going back hundreds of years.

Owning furniture made from teak wood provides peace of mind that your furnishings will last for many years to come. Whether you are looking to add an exceptional piece to your indoor or outdoor decor, you can’t go wrong with teak furniture.

The natural properties of teak wood mean that very little maintenance is needed.  Sure, they polished the teak woodwork on the early ocean liners for a high shine, but it lasted just as well on the decks of WWII submarines without care.

Its natural oily properties mean it will resist water and extreme weather conditions. Only light care of your furniture is required to ensure long lasting value.

And the range of teak furniture available for you to upgrade your home’s outdoor entertainment or living areas is vast. You can find carefully crafted patio tables and chairs, deck chairs, loungers, dining tables, Morris chairs, benches and more to bring more style to your garden or porch.

Teak furniture can seem a bit pricey when compared to generic woods and synthetics, but, but it provides a very good value due to the high quality of teak and its durability. Want to save a bit?  Look at natural Cedar furniture.  Cedar has many of the properties of Teak but is priced a bit lower.  Teak has an edge in durability, but either one will look great.

Here are a few of our recommended Patio Sets:

This four-piece set includes two chairs, a love seat, and a glass top coffee table.  The furniture’s frame is steel for strength and stability, covered with a mix of black and ash grey rattan.

The seat cushions are made of high-density foam and covered with water-resistant covers that are easy to remove and wash.

This is a good looking basic set, well built, yet at a low price point. It’s great for patios, porches, or the pool.  The seats and table are medium-sized; chairs have a 200-pound capacity.  Go up one step in size and capacity if your outdoor room and budget allow.

Cloud Mountain Outdoor Furniture Cushioned

Cloud Mountain Outdoor Furniture

Cloud Mountain Outdoor Furniture

This cloud mountain set starts out with a wrought iron frame and is topped with bright red 6-inch cushions, for a combination that is loaded with strength and comfort.  Each set includes two chairs and a bistro table.  Choose from three different configurations.

The wrought iron frame is powder-coated with a dark brown finish that looks sharp and should wear well.  Powder coating is a high-tech finish that is stronger than paint.  Its applied in a powder form and sticks to the iron by static electricity; then the finish is baked on for long-lasting durability.

Seet capacity is 250 to 300 pounds depending on the model options.  There is a slight difference in price between the different sizes.  They’re designed to spring and rock a bit for comfort.

Outdoor 6-Piece Folding Patio Dining Furniture Set with Umbrella

Outdoor 6-Piece Folding Patio Dining Furniture Set with Umbrella

Outdoor 6-Piece Folding Patio Dining Furniture Set with Umbrella

This lightweight set is a good value.  With four chairs, a table, and an umbrella, it fits great on a patio or by the pool.  Amazon reviewers report that it stands up well, yet is easy to store and assemble.

The chairs are rated at 250 pounds, above average for the price class that it is in.  The table is a bit over 36 inches square.

I’d like to see two features added to this set, although I’m sure that they would add additional cost: A crank-type umbrella and an umbrella base.  I suggest that you purchase an umbrella base separate.  They’re inexpensive, and once filled with sand or water, deter your umbrella from tipping over or flying away in the wind.

Amazonia Teak Brussels 7-Piece Teak/Wicker Rectangular Dining Set

Amazonia Teak Brussels 7-Piece Teak/Wicker Rectangular Dining Set

Amazonia Teak Brussels 7-Piece Teak/Wicker Rectangular Dining Set

Amazonia Teak Brussels 7-Piece Set is a full dining set for six that fits equally well on the porch or patio. The table top is teak, a dense wood with fine grain and natural oils that resist moisture and rot.  The chairs are lightweight aluminum frames with galvanized steel hardware.  All of these materials are similar to those used on boats, so they’ll stand up well outdoors.

This set seats six at a 63 inch (5 feet 3 inches) long and almost 3 foot (35 inches)  wide table.  The chairs aluminum frame chairs are covered with a distressed-look grey resin wicker, and they stack for storage.

The Amazonia Teak Brussels 7-Piece Teak/Wicker Rectangular Dining Set is a premium patio dining set at a very attractive price.