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Outdoor Fountains And Feng Shui

Create pleasant energy and tranquility for your garden with the traditional principles of Feng Shui.

“Feng Shui” is a technique of arranging things for ideal harmony and balance within your environment to ensure a calm, beneficial, and enriching environment. Water is one of the five major elements of Feng Shui. In fact, the Chinese term Feng Shui translates as “wind and water.” Since water possesses both active and meditative qualities, a flowing fountain is a vital element when applying Feng Shui. Many individuals select an indoor water fountain with an Asian motif such as a bamboo fountain. A classic Western fountain may well function just as well.

Natural materials such as copper, slate, stone, wood, and bamboo are all consistent with the basic concepts of Feng Shui. For instance, a bamboo fountain merges water and wood energy. Serene Zen fountains made from a slab of slate combined with metal are modest, representing the concept of serenity and balance. They are popular as both freestanding and wall mounted water fountains. Whatever style you prefer, make sure the water in your garden fountain is always fresh, flowing and debris free.

When redesigning your patio or garden, it is essential to take into account that in Feng Shui, each part of the space evokes a symbolic significance. There are quite a few different implementations of Feng Shui. However, all have some template that separates the space into separate areas that affect one’s life. These include such factors as fame, health, friends, money, love, and more. In arranging a garden fountain, said to facilitate the flow of qi (life energy), the most beneficial positioning would be in the north, east, or southeast portions of your garden.

Curved objects are preferred in Feng Shui, so water fountains with rounded basins and those featuring a sphere or orb are excellent selections. There are many gorgeous water fountains made with a succession of pottery or ceramic vessels that spill water into each other, which enables qi to both accumulate and circulate. Stone statuary of birds, frogs, or meditating figures also may add symbolism to encourage health, wealth, longevity, or luck.

Most gardens can benefit from installing a soothing fountain planned with Feng Shui principles in mind. Large free standing fountains, small tabletop fountains, stone and slate fountains, Zen garden fountains, and traditional garden fountains can all contribute to soothing and revitalize the positive energy flow in your garden environment.

Here are some of my favorite garden ponds:

Koolscapes 270 Gallon Pond Kit with Lighting

Koolscapes 270 Gallon Pond Kit

Koolscapes 270 Gallon Pond Kit

Who says that a garden pond needs to be expensive or difficult to set up?  This Koolscapes 270 Gallon Pond Kit makes it easy.  Choose your own shape to suit your landscape, the kit includes a tough 8-foot by 10-foot liner that can be trimmed to your size and shape.  Hook up the fountains and pump, decorate with natural materials, and you’ve got your pond.  The flexible liner lets you work around stubborn roots, rocks, and obstacles.

Koolscapes also makes a smaller, 84-gallon version of this kit, as well as a larger, 400-gallon version.  All include liners, pump, silk lilies, and a one or two fountains.  The 270-gallon and the400-gallon models include solar lighting.

Algreen Folding Pond Kit with Streamlet Watercourse

The Algreen Folding Pond Kit comes with a 144-gallon pond liner, enough to build a 60-inch by 44-inch pond.  If the liner is used full size (you can trim it to fit around obstacles), it will hold about 144-gallons of water.  For comparison, a full to the top bathtub is about 100 gallons.

A waterfall feature highlights the pond.  Fed by a 500 gallon per hour pond pump, it creates a water canopy 39 inches across and 5 inches high.  That’s very impressive for a small pond.  The pump comes in a protective case shell, and two silk water lilies are included to get you started.

Atlantic Water Gardens 11 x 11-Foot Professional Pond Kit

This kit is substantially different from the others above.  It is a hardware kit and includes all of the components needed to build a big 1400 gallon pond.  All of the components are heavy duty and matched for size and capacity.  Start with a heavy duty underlayment, then install the 45-mil (heavy) EPDM pond liner.  The kit also includes a PS4600 Pro Series Skimmer, BF1900 Pro Series FilterFalls, TW3700 TidalWave2 Series Pump, Triton Check Valve, 2″ x 25′ Flexible PVC Pipe,  AWGLED3 3-Pack of 1.6W LED Pond Lights with Transformer, AF1000 Auto Fill, Complete Installation Kit with Glue, Cleaner, Thread Sealant & (3) 12oz. FallsFoam. That’s everything needed to build a maintain your pond.  You just add the landscape and decorations.

20 x 25 Small Koi Pond Kit 4000 GPH Pump Anjon 16 Inch Waterfall and Skimmer MAN0

Got a lot of space?  This kit builds an big sized 20-foot by 25-foot koi pond.  Everything is professional quality for low maintenance.  You can create your own design, there are video instructions posted online.  The kit includes an underlayment and an EPDM liner that is guaranteed for life.  The pump is an Anjon Monsoon MS4000 4,000 GPH Hybrid Drive and is well capable of handling this size pond.

Other sizes are available.  Check them out.